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Kahea (2007) choreography by Rachel Berman
for digitally processed ukulele, natural sounds, and modern Hawaiian chant

World Premiere: July 21, 2007
Performed by Rachel Berman and Patrick Makuakane
American Dance Festival
Page Auditorium, Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

[Audio excerpt - "new revised 622"]

Psalm (2002/rev. 2003) 1967 choreography by José Limón
31 min.
baritone solo, large SSAATTBB choir, chamber orchestra
(10 players: fl/picc, cl, btbn, perc, pno, hp, 3 vcl, cb)
text: Latin from the Vulgate

Pre-World Premiere recording:
André Solomon-Glover, baritone
Helen Cha-Pyo, conductor
Members of the Riverside Church Chorus and Symphony

World Premiere: Februrary 13-14, 2002
2002 Salt Lake Olympic Arts Festival
Limón Dance Company
André Solomon-Glover, baritone
Members of the Weber State Concert Choir and chamber ensemble
Jon Magnussen, conductor
Browning Center, Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

NY Premiere of excerpts: November 3, 2002
Carnegie Hall
American Composers Orchestra
John Hancock, baritone
Steven Sloane, conductor

Commissioned by the Limón Foundation for performance with José Limón's 1967 ballet Psalm, with generous funding and support from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, Library of Congress, National Endowment for the Arts, Meet the Composer Commissioning USA, and Weber State University with Dianne Stern.

 [Real Audio excerpt - "Running Dance", Cha-Pyo, cond. ]

 [Real Audio excerpt - "Walking Dance", Cha-Pyo, cond.]

 [sample score - pdf]    [note - pdf]

Death and Eros (2000) choreography by Donald McKayle
31 min.
Amplified chamber ensemble: fl / vlc / perc / male and female jazz vocalists / MIDI-controlled digital mixer, Max/msp

World Premiere: February 12, 2000
Royce Hall, University of California-Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Lula Washington Dance Theatre
Eloise Laws and Kingsley Leggs, vocals;
Lenon Honor, fl; Chris Lancaster, vlc;
Norman Beede, kbd.; Jay Metz, perc.
Jon Magnussen, conductor

Commissioned by Donald McKayle for performance with his ballet based upon the Inuit tale of the "Skeleton Woman"

 [Real Audio excerpt - "The Ascent" world premiere performers]

[sample score - pdf]

The Winged (1996) 1968 choreography by José Limón  
40 min.
chamber orchestra and tape (fl/picc, cl, alto sax, hn, tpt, btbn, perc, pno, hp, vln, 2 vcl, cb)

World Premiere: Februrary 15-18, 1996
The Juilliard Theater
Lincoln Center
New York, New York
Juilliard Dance Ensemble (restaged by Carla Maxwell)
Members of the Juilliard Orchestra
David Briskin, conductor

Commissioned by The Juilliard School in celebration of the
José Limón Dance Company's 50th Anniversary

[Real Audio sample - "Dawn Chorus"; Members of the Juilliard Orchestra; D. Briskin, cond.]

[Real Audio sample - "Eros"; Members of the Juilliard Orchestra; D. Briskin, cond.]

["Dawn Chorus" score sample - pdf]    [note - pdf]

Altered Path (1994) choreography by Franck Baranek  

7 min.
soprano and chamber ensemble (fl/picc, cl, btbn, perc, pno, hp, 3 vcl, cb)

World Premiere: January 18, 1994
Alice Tully Hall
Lincoln Center
New York, New York
Clemence Gegauff, soprano
Members of the Juilliard Orchestra
Jon Magnussen, conductor

For choreographer Frank Baranek

[Real Audio - world premiere performers]

[score - pdf] 

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Dorian (2003) choreography by Robert Hill

55 min.
3233 / 4321(dbl. Euph.) / Timp+1 / Hp / Solo Pno / Solo Vn / Stgs

Based on chamber works by Chausson (Op. 21 and 30), Schumann and Chopin.

World Premiere: October 30, 2003
American Ballet Theatre Orchestra
Blair McMillen, piano
Ronald Oakland, violin
David LaMarche, conductor
City Center
New York, New York

Commissioned by American Ballet Theatre

A Musical Offering (1997) choreography by José Limón

30 min.
chamber orchestra (fl, cl, hn, tbn, vln, 2 vcl, cb, cem)

Based on J.S. Bach's A Musical Offering

World Premiere: November 1997
The Joyce Theater
New York, New York
Limón Dance Company
David LaMarche, conductor

Commissioned by the Limón Foundation for performance with José Limón's ballet, "A Musical Offering"


(18 July 2008)

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