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NameSongs (2000-2007) 
for solo piano

NameSongs is a set of short solo piano pieces which I started to compose in 2000, and which has become an ongoing project. Based on the letters of the alphabet which make up the names of friends and acquaintances (the names are withheld here to protect the innocent!), these short pieces are really portraits. So, like a painter's portrait, these musical portraits reveal as much about their subjects as they do about their maker.  (In fact, in some cases they reflect me much more than the people on whose names they are based.) All of the musical pitches are derived from the names' letters, but the melodic contours, rhythms, textures and forms of each piece come from the working and shaping of these notes... (Okay, okay -- it's really just another excuse to compose!)

[Audio - NameSong, I. Magnussen/Computer, piano]

[Name Song, I. score - pdf]

[Audio - NameSong, II. Magnussen/Computer, piano]

[NameSong, II. score - pdf]

[Audio - NameSong, III. Blair McMillen, piano]

[NameSong, III. score - pdf]

Kaleimanu's Dream (2003)
6 min (ca.)
for solo guitar

Composed for Antigoni Goni

 [score - pdf] 

For Patsy (2002)     
4 min
for solo piano

First Performance: December 13, 2002
VisionIntoArt and Rock Hotel PianoFest's
"A PianoBowl of Premieres"
Orion Weiss, piano
Society for Ethical Culture
New York, New York

For Patsy Labalme

 [Real Audio - Jon Magnussen, piano]

 [score - pdf]

Toccare! (2001)  
9 min.
for solo piano

First Performance: July 28, 2001
Blair McMillen, piano
Walden School
Dublin, New Hampshire

NY Premiere:
Blair McMillen, piano
ABT Studio Company with new choreography by Robert Hill
Kaye Playhouse
New York, New York

Commissioned by Blair McMillen

 [Audio - Blair McMillen, piano]
 [score - pdf]    [note - pdf]

Ici, là, là-bas (1994) for choreography by Franck Baranek  
8 min.
solo violoncello, digital reverb/delay effects box

First Performance: December, 1994
David Eggar, violoncello
Paul Hall, The Juilliard School
New York, New York

For David Eggar


(18 July 2008)

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